Welcome to Procurement Observatory Assam

The procurement observatory at Assam Institute of Management has been established under the aegis of the World Bank as part of its initiative to improve the public procurement capacity of Assam.

Procurement of Goods, Works and Services involves around 90% of any project cost and government procurement is about 20%-30% of government spending. Thus, it has a significant impact on the quality of public service delivery and satisfaction of citizens.

After successfully trying the Public Procurement Observatory model in many countries, the World Bank has come forward to implement this model in India with the objective of helping the state governments improve its public procurement practices and outcomes in the state. The observatory will develop the Key Procurement Performance Indicators, collect and analyze procurement data, policies, rules etc. and the implementation of the same. It will also share the findings and the best practices with the state government and other stakeholders through workshops, seminars, website and other such mediums.

After setting up the observatory at IIM, Lucknow and IIM, Raipur for the states of Uttar Pradesh and Chattisgarh respectively, the World Bank has partnered with Assam Institute of Management for the state of Assam.